What Do You Think?

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I have been around blogs, bloggers and the blogging world for some time now and have recently worked to establish my own blog (in addition to a controlled internet presence), and it’s amazing how difficult it can be to come up with an enticing topic to write about. As bloggers we want to engage our audience, captivate them with a unique perspective and inspire new waves of thinking. I don’t know about you, but at times this can feel down-right exhausting. For some individuals it’s as easy as opening the flood-gates to the conscious, allowing the thoughts to pour out of their cranium, for others of us, a simple post can feel like pulling teeth just figuring out how to phrase our opening sentence.
I fall victim to this all too often.

When I first started reading blogs, opinion pieces and individuals’ articles I thought it seemed like an overly simplistic venture. Write down your opinion on something and share it with the world. Easy, right?

How hard could it be to transcribe personal thoughts into a public post that would engage, captivate and inspire? Naive as those questions may seem, they encompass the general view I had of blogging. So with a fire of motivation under me I embarked on the ‘simplistic venture’ of sharing my opinions. Only to come to a very abrupt realization, “What is my opinion of ‘this’, or ‘that’?” It always seemed so easy to channel my thoughts, opinions and beliefs when engaged in a discourse with friends or relatives. How come I am having so much trouble now? Delving deeper into the cause of this writer’s block revealed to me that I had lost sight of a very important lesson learned in my school days.

“Know why you think what you think,
and why you believe what you believe!”

It is so easy to lose sight of why we are advocating for a certain ‘something’, or why we think ‘this’ or ‘that’. I know I certainly had lost sight of this through being submersed in the opinions of so many others. Herd mentality or the bandwagon effect sneaks into our minds discreetly and grows quickly. Gaining strength like a virus or an addiction that becomes exceedingly difficult to cure. You may catch yourself adamantly defending an ideal or opinion that isn’t even yours from time-to-time.

However, like an addiction, acceptance is the first step. Once you accept that your mind is full of others’ opinions it immediately gets easier to start consciously identifying when you are committing a fallacy and promoting the mentality of the herd instead of your own. As you identify and correct more and more of these mentalities within yourself you begin to increase the momentum of your real Self and it becomes increasingly easier to realize your opinion, voice or ideals amongst that of the herd. Through an increase in this momentum it gets easier to have a flood of thoughts you can open the gates to at any time.

It is my hope that all of you will put thought into why you think what you think, allowing you to climb the seemingly insurmountable wall of writer’s block, herd mentality and bandwagoning to realize the awaiting flood of conscious thought that you are truly capable of.

Happy Blogging!

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