Establishing a Foothold

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Staying Relevant in the Information Age!

With so many popular outlets for you to voice your opinion in the world we live in, how can you stay relevant and actually be heard rather than slipping into the abyss of random bloggers, forum posters and spammers? This is a question people in the field of internet marketing are working to tackle daily. The first step in any successful campaign is to establish a foothold, niche or something unique you plan to offer that others can’t. Whether it be information, a product or a service. Without that original idea the campaign is lost before it begins.

Where Have All the Original Ideas Gone?

“How can I be original?” This may seem like a silly question to ask, but many people find themselves at a loss for the answer. Especially when there are so many individuals out there tackling virtually every issue or topic known to man. Don’t fret, there is still a saving grace. That one thing you have which others don’t… ‘They’ are not ‘You’! As humans we all have this remarkable ability to think freely which allows for an open door to a veritable plethora of possibilities. The mentality that all the originality has left the world is complete bunk. Although many individuals may have overlapping thoughts, beliefs or ideals, no two people are the same. Recognizing this inherent uniqueness allows you to freely voice your opinions through the most conducive outlets. All too often I see folks (myself included) aggressively promoting an ideal, belief or product from someone else and expecting the same results. Unfortunately this frequently leads to frustration, or disappointment, and discouragement from lack of success.

Recognizing What Makes You Unique!

So now you’ve decided you are unique, but how do you voice it? What’s the best outlet? Chances are that there is already some form of social interaction that you do on the daily; Facebook, Pinterest, face-to-face interaction or telecommunication, to name a few. Whatever your medium, capitalize on your experience, daily routine and comfort level.

For most, whether subconsciously or consciously, their social medium acts as a safety blanket. Providing a sort of added happiness or health in life. Socializing in general plays a vital role in our physical and mental well-being and all too often individuals push themselves to use the ‘latest and greatest’ method of interacting because some ‘specialist’ or ‘expert’ promised it will work and then find themselves down-trodden when there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I propose using the very mediums that have already become a comfort to us as our foothold in the information age.

For example, in business, if you are actively engaged on your personal Facebook every day but cannot figure out why you aren’t attracting new customers from the YellowPages campaign you’ve poured hundreds (if not thousands) into, it’s time to reassess and capitalize on the medium you find comfort in. Create deals, make engaging posts, share insights and updates, and boost posts that you’re privy to but others aren’t. At first it can be very difficult to even figure out how to begin, but it’s a lot like being a writer. Once you find your ‘voice’, the content begins to flow in a smooth and pure manner. Don’t get discouraged if at first your followers or circles aren’t as receptive to your new, more genuine, ‘voice’ because as you delve deeper and deeper into spreading your message the way you feel it should be spread, the followers will find you and they will help your influence grow. In the immortal words from Field of Dreams, “If you build it, they will come”!

I would love to hear any thoughts, comments, questions or objections as this is a brief skimming of a deep pool of thought and your feedback is what pushes me to consider new philosophies, challenge my beliefs and create more content!

I thank you for reading and as always, much love and respect.

+Daniel Vanderkin

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