This Is What It’s Like

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New feelings, emotions, thoughts and conundrums. Pondering life, love, loss, and all that comes with it inspired some writing in me this day. My hope is that in some small way this little poem can provide solace to those who are struggling. Those who are experiencing loss, sadness, grief, or depression. Those who haven’t been reminded today that someone is …


The Art of the Perfect Post

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Social Media and Blog posting can be hard. There are so many goals attempting to be accomplished all at once. You want to reach your audience, convey your message accurately, inspire engagement, and get as many shares and likes as possible. With this in mind, I’ve combined the core concepts from some well experience social phenoms with my own experiences …

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Video Chat Plugins for WordPress

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Working on websites within such a visually driven world has led me to doing some digging on Video Chat plugins for WordPress. As I’m writing this, in the spirit of full disclosure, I have not actually used any of the following plugins/services. This is simply a list based on my research and findings thus-far (but I’ll probably update this post …


Free Stock Images

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If you’re anything like me, and I’m assuming you are, you have had difficulty at some point with finding the proper image to use online. Or, once you find it you realize the often hefty price you must pay to get rights to use the image. So, with this in mind, I went on a hunt for Free Stock Images …


Easy Audio Player with HTML5

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There are so many wonderful features that we have access to by utilizing HTML5. One of which is an easy audio player embed. It’s a simple HTML markup which results in a very sleek audio player on your site. Here is a basic example: If using WordPress, you can use an easy shortcode in place of traditional HTML: You can …

Newsletter template - subscription form. Vector illustration.

Creating a Simple Opt-in with WordPress

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There are a number of ways to easily create an opt-in box on a WordPress website. One of the most universal, easy, and (most importantly) free, methods that I’ve found is Method 1 below. I have included a second method that can work effectively, although I have much less experience using it so any feedback is very welcome. Install the …


Trending Tags

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Recently I posted a list of trending tags that are topping the charts week after week on Google+ and I wanted to take the opportunity to share them out with other individuals who could benefit from them. I’m looking for this to be a living list so please don’t hesitate to send me your ideas or info about trending tags …


The Great Debate

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Recently, some of the greatest minds in the fields of science and science reporting gathered at Arizona State University for a panel discussion moderated by Lawrence Krauss. The panel discussed everything from Cuckoo eggs to string theory, space travel and even pyrotechnics. The panel included; World Science Festival Executive Director Tracy Day, Theoretical Physicist Brian Greene, Science Friday Host Ira Flatow, Astrophysicist …


Building on the Positive by John Vanderkin

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An April 3, 2013 press release by the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board states, “Our recent statewide employer survey found more than half of employers who had a hard time filling a job opening struggled because they could not find qualified employees with vocational certificates and associate’s degrees.” Similar data shows that Clark County is experiencing its share of …


What Do You Think?

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I have been around blogs, bloggers and the blogging world for some time now and have recently worked to establish my own blog (in addition to a controlled internet presence), and it’s amazing how difficult it can be to come up with an enticing topic to write about. As bloggers we want to engage our audience, captivate them with a unique …